Monday, May 27, 2013

The Amazing Fix

We just returned home from staying with family out east. Spending 6 days split between two homes was an enlightening experience. It may sound ridiculous, but when you live with someone for a few days, you pick up on the little things they do that makes life simpler. One such simplifying discovery was a removable shower head. I was in awe. I informed Greg that this could be a life changing addition to our bathroom at home. Since the Mother's Day project (refinishing the porch swing) is still in progress (i.e. pieces) out in the garage, I told Greg that the swing could go into a box for all I care and the showerhead represent my belated Mother's Day gift.

For years, my morning has consisted of frequent "surprise showers" for my oldest. She still needs help showering and it typically means that I end up soggy from arm pit to knee. But a removable showerhead? I may never wear wet clothes to work again. A vision danced through my head of neatly pressed (and dry) clothes, looking purposeful and tidy as opposed to the rumpled, damp, I-may-be-too-hip-to-care-or-just-completely-sloppy-look that I tend to sport.

True to form, Greg hit Home Depot the day after we arrived back at home and came back with the magical shower head in tow. Its promise all but sparkled with fairy dust as he installed it for me in the bathroom.

Emily had the first shower and offered to hold the showerhead while I worked the shampoo into her hair. She promptly waved it in front of me, completely soaking my side. "Okay" I thought to myself, "a period of adjustment is to be expected here." Brenna went next and in a flash grabbed it from my hands while I attempted to condition her hair. The bathroom floor was sprayed with a sheen of water and the right leg of my jeans were soaked through.

It looked so promising. But I discovered that the problem was with me.

My husband and I are looking at a home a few miles away. With the challenges we have had in the past year, a change could be a good thing. And although it seems simple to trade in one set of problems for a fresh start, is it really what we are supposed to do? Or is that new home like the magical showerhead: full of promise, but no real change from the underlying issue. Only time will tell.