Saturday, March 12, 2016

Merry Christmas or Happy Easter

Spring break usually involves at least a few hours dedicated to cleaning and de-cluttering. While working on my kitchen counter, I found the remaining stack of Christmas cards addressed with names only, waiting to be fully addressed and stamped. These people sent us a card. They did not receive one in return. Hopefully they truly believe it's better to give than receive.

I held these cards in my hand back in early January and weighed out what to do. It was completely within logic to mail them at this point. But I needed stamps. And I didn't have any. And the post office is far away. And I never remember the customer service counter when I'm shopping at County Market. And then January was over.

One morning after my second cup of coffee, I picked them up again in February. Perhaps I would compose a witty little snippet to tuck into the envelope with our Christmas card... It wasn't the end of the world to mail them out at this point. After all, it's only 5 weeks post-Christmas. I wasn't receiving any stragglers in the mail at this point, but still, this could work.

Now it's March and we're getting ready for Easter.

Each of these cards represent a lovely person, whom I value. An ugly voice in my head finishes that sentence with "... but someone who is just not valued enough to warrant a trip to the local post office".  I feel judged by my clutter. It tells me what I didn't do, as opposed to what I did do.

I don't like facing jobs left undone because of this.

So tonight I am giving myself some grace. I'm throwing those cards in the trash and refusing to feel guilt over who didn't receive a card. If I missed you this Christmas--know that you were thought of. Not only in December, but yet again in January, February and then in March when I threw your card away.